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Pink Tiger’s Perfect Pick

What is the Perfect Pick Concept?

We are an online store that caters to individuals who want to support Canadian creativity.  All of our items are conceived and created in Canada.  Some items may be up-cycled and some are specifically to address the issues around excessive waste in our society.  By 2021 Canada will ban single use plastics and we will strive to offer products to help you make that transition.

You pick items that we have carefully curated and love.  Perfect, right?

Take a look around and tell us what you think.  We love getting feedback!

Pink Tiger’s Up-cycled products are coming soon!

Did you know that a staggering 85% of our collective apparel ends up in a landfill?  That’s over 10.5 million tons of clothing!!  In a single year, Canada produces enough textile waste, clothing and other goods to create a mountain three times the size of Toronto’s Rogers Centre stadium!

The latest craze of Tidying Up had us thinking how can we promote the re-use of items and maybe, just maybe, make a difference in the throw away world we now live in.

By 2021 Canada will ban single use plastics so we have decided to offer a new line of super cool shopping bags.  Stay tuned if you want to have the most unique shopping bags in town!

Let’s all work at reducing waste together!