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Why become a Vendor on PinkTiger.com?

Increase your online presence!  Pinktiger.com is the newest way to sell online.  We are an online mall with a difference, a portion of every sale goes towards our random acts of kindness pot.  Having your brand associated with an initiative dedicated to helping others, will drive people to purchase your product through Pink Tiger rather than searching for a “similar” product elsewhere.

Why Become a Vendor on Pinktiger.com?

That’s an easy question to answer……Shopping online is growing, and it’s growing fast!  By becoming a Pink Tiger Vendor Who Cares, you are putting your brand out there for all to see.  You get a storefront in the Pink Tiger Place Mall all your own, and we don’t just promote products, we promote service based businesses as well!  We also provide social media exposure and you may even be featured in our blog.

It is FREE to have a storefront on pinktiger.com and we set it all up for you!!

For a product based store

You provide the banner, high resolution pictures of your pieces with detailed descriptions and pricing and any internal policies you may have (shipping, returns, etc.) along with a bio on either you or your brand.  You only pay us a commission once a piece is sold.  13% to be exact.  10% is our commission and 3% is the PayPal Transaction fee.  That’s it!!!  There are no hidden costs, and no risk on your part, you have nothing to lose by becoming a vendor.

For a service based store, or to simply link up your existing online store with us

We set up a sales page for you and link to your existing site.  You provide us with the information you want on your sales page and that’s it!!  This service is subscription based, $120/yr (plus the 3% PayPal Transaction fee) in one payment or to make it easier, we offer an option to pay $9.99/mo (plus the 3% PayPal Transaction fee).  You can cancel at any time.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up now!!

Have a question?  Contact us at info@pinktiger.com and one of the Tiger Team Members would be happy to help you out.

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