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Getting your kids back to school is a daunting task.  Besides your regularly busy life you now have to plan for, shop for and organize your kids to get back to school.  Here are some great tips to help you get back on track come September:

  1. Organize the School Supplies

Save some money by spending some time taking an inventory or what you may already have on hand, maybe even left over from last year.  Once you know what you have, you know what you need, so make a list and check for sales.  Comparison shopping will be your best friend.  If you find it cheaper at a store that you don’t normally shop at, take the flyer to a store that offers price matching.

  1. Back to School Clothes Shopping

The malls are a buzz with back to school shopping, save some time and shop online where you can, but consider this first…how much do they REALLY need?  We tend to over-shop for back to school so keep this in mind when you are reaching for your wallet.

  1. Start Getting Back to a Schedule

Now is the time to get your kids back to a schedule.  As summer winds down and vacation is over, get the kids to bed a little earlier to prepare them for that all important first day of school.  Getting enough sleep is paramount to their emotional and intellectual well-being.  Get a wall board and start organizing the month ahead.  Have the kids help, it will teach them that planning is key and sticking to a plan means everyone makes it to where they need to be.

  1. Talk to your Kids about Bullying

Bullying is a serious issue.  Encourage your kids to talk to you if they are exposed to any verbal, social or electronic bullying, or know of one of their friends who may be experiencing this.  Tell them it’s OK to talk about it and take the time to really listen to them….no matter how busy you are.

  1. Healthy Living

Exercise, healthy food and a home environment that supports learning and growth are essential.  Lead by example, and show your kids that eating well and exercising, as well as showing them what self-discipline is all about, promotes happy, smart and independent children.  If you are tired and lazy, they will follow your example.

  1. Talk about After School Activities

Talk to your kids about how much time things like chores, homework, TV and internet use are permitted during the week.  Give them priorities and make it clear what you expect from them.  No surprises means less resistence.

  1. Homework

Set up a space that is reserved for homework and even better, set up times that homework must be done.  Choose a place that has few distractions and encourage them to ask questions.  Homework can be stressful, so by offering an environment that helps them concentrate, both you and your kids will find it a little less tense.


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