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Pink Tiger is all about showcasing amazing talent, be it in fashion, art or other creative ventures and sometimes I come across people who are exceptional both in their creativity and their personality.

One of those amazing people was Billy Morrison. When I met Billy Morrison, the guitar player for Billy Idol back in February 2015, I already loved his art, I followed him on Twitter just to see what he was creating, and it was pure chance that I spotted him sitting in a hotel lobby in Montreal Quebec with a painting that he had completed while he was there. It was a red skull. I had to have it! I am a huge lover of rock music, not so normal art, and of course fashion so I approached Billy to see if I could buy it from him.

Long story short, Billy and I went from me purchasing a piece of his art, to him selling his art on pinktiger.com.  Our social media talents,  we have sold several of his pieces and are in the process of revealing something else to his fans and pinktiger.com customers.   Keep your eye on our Twitter accounts @BillyMorrison and @PinkTigerPlace .


By the way, Billy is wearing a white bronze grenade necklace given to him by another of my amazing vendors, Lost Apostle.  If you have never heard of them, you need to check them out under the Premiere Designers section of pinktiger.com!  Nadya and James have pure talent when it comes to the “not your average” piece of jewellery, and I have to say, I am a huge fan!!   Together, we not only have Billy Morrison wearing Lost Apostle jewellery, we gave the very unique anatomical heart to Joe Elliott from Def Leppard and of course, he loved it too!  This is a pic of him wearing it during a concert.  Hard to see, but trust me, it’s there.  He doesn’t really stay still during his performance so it was difficult to get a pic :)






As the founder and CEO of Pink Tiger Inc, I am blown away by the sheer talent I have come across during this first year in the online marketplace business and am fortunate to get to do what I love with amazing people.  There are so many more cool things coming and you can be sure that Billy Morrison and Lost Apostle Jewellery will be part of it.  Stay tuned……….


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