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If you live in the perpetual summer of the south then this blog post is not for you, however if you are currently freezing your extremities off during this cold snap, these tips are for you:

It’s all about layering

Staying warm means creating layers of clothing to regulate your body temperature and keep heat trapped. If you are going out with the kids or planning on being active, start with a base, such as long underwear (don’t worry, no one will see these beauties so that princess print onesie you have is perfectly acceptable). Add a few mid-layers to cover up that onesie and top it off with a water-proof or wind-proof shell jacket. This will keep you well insulated, and your temperature consistent. Staying fashionable is the trick here, no one wants to look bulky so choose multiple layers of thinner material and avoid cotton as it does not dry quickly and can actually pull heat away from you.

Loosey Goosey

Make sure what you are wearing is not too tight, looser clothes insulate better. A big beautiful merino wool sweater is just the ticket to keep you warm and cozy.

Don’t forget your Extremities

Sometimes keeping warm is secondary to all of the fashion choices you have for scarves, hats, gloves and boots. Big infinity scarves in beautiful colours, and hats……so many hats! Keeping your body heat in by wearing a hat is key. If you are Canadian, a toque is a way of life during winter.

Boots should be waterproof or at least water resistant with a warm lining. So many stylish boots are disguised as functionally warm footwear. Thank you boot designers for thinking of us Northerners as fashion forward, we all don’t wear snowmobile boots you know, although there is nothing like a good warm snowmobile boot.

How to dress chic in the cold

Is this even possible? Yes it is!! It does require a bit more thought and effort but it is achievable. Try these tips:

Hide your leggings: Yep, that’s right. Hide your leggings under your pants, just make sure you aren’t layering skinny jeans over the leggings or it will look bulky. Find a pair of leggings that are cut a little shorter than your pants so they won’t be visible underneath. This is where a wider leg pant would be a better choice.

Puffer coats don’t have to mean you look like the stay puffed marshmallow man: One word, belt!! Belting your longer puffy coat takes away some of the bulk and adds a stylish accent while nipping your waist in a little.

Don’t like wooly tights?: Conceal long cashmere socks under high boots with a longer skirt. Flash a little skin but still stay warm without the bulk that wooly tights add to your behind.

Stay warm!

Sue Norton, CEO Pink Tiger

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